How to stop children’s heart attacks in the hospital

A pediatric hospital in Texas is offering a heart-healthy diet to prevent children’s cardiac deaths.The program will be launched in Texas next week, and it will include a nutritional supplement

Which Hospitals Have the Best Hospital Care?

The biggest hospital care providers across the country have a wide range of options, including community hospitals, inpatient and outpatient, in-patient hospitals, and outpatient clinics.These hospitals have the most choices

How to find a new home for your baby

As the nation prepares for the start of the flu season, there are fears of a resurgence of the pandemic.But what if you don’t want to wait?A list of potential

The Rise of the Global Health Insurance Company: How the Global Trade War Will Transform the World

By Mark Leibovich / Bloomberg / Reuters – Updated Mar 16, 2019 11:01:00PMThe Global Health insurance company CIGNA, one of the biggest players in the world of health care, has been transformed into a giant health insurance company.It was supposed to be a game-changer.Now it’s a game of chicken.”CIGNA’s growth has been

What is Lawrence Memorial Hospital? | Axios

The Lawrence Memorial hospital in Orlando, Florida, was once the state’s most expensive hospital, but its finances have since taken a hit, according to an Axios investigation.The hospital has lost

What’s the difference between the hospital system and a hospital?

The system of hospitals in the United States is one of the oldest, but the system that runs the nation’s health care system is not always the most efficient.The system for delivering healthcare in the U.S. is based on a decentralized approach to providing services.In the United Kingdom, for example, hospitals are

How to make a splash in a major hospital opening

The Pittsburgh Penguins opened the new facility at Lutheran General Hospital Friday afternoon with a surprise appearance by Pittsburgh legend Evgeni Malkin.Malkin, a lifelong Penguins fan, was greeted with a

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