New York’s hospitals are getting some help from the public to make their music a bit more special.

Key points:A collection of music from the New York Hospital for the Aged is being played on hospital staffs iPodThe playlist is being posted to YouTube in a bid to bring the sound back to the hospitalKey pointsThe hospital has been experimenting with music over the past few yearsThe playlist was posted to Youtube in a desperate attempt to bring back the sound of the hospitalNew York City’s hospital network is a bit like a musical institution, with a long history of playing music.

A collection, now shared on the hospital’s Instagram account, of songs from across its music collection was shared over the weekend, with fans posting their own creations on social media.

The playlist, which features songs from all the hospitals’ hospitals, is called ‘The Song Library’.

The playlist includes songs from a variety of genres, ranging from classical to reggae to jazz, and has been shared by patients, staff and the hospital itself.

“The song library is one of our biggest assets,” said Dr Scott Pemberton, head of music and sound at New York City-based the Hospital for Aged.

“It allows us to hear the music that we want to hear.”

Dr Pemberon explained that the music is a great way to get a fresh perspective on the music in the hospital and is an example of the work being done in the city to bring music back to hospitals.

“We do a lot of music with our artists,” he said.

“They have to do a bit of work to get it on the radio.”

Dr Paul Sacco, who works at New England Hospital, said he found the playlist’s content to be “quite unique” and appreciated the collaboration with the public.

“I love hearing new music,” he told

“Music brings us closer together.

It brings us out of ourselves.”

He said that he had been involved in creating the playlist for a number of years and said he appreciated the efforts of the community.

“When we play it, we play the music.

We know that it will be heard,” he added.”

You can see it on TV and people are looking at it.”

New York’s Hospital for The Aged’s playlist was originally uploaded to Youtube back in April.

It features a number that are familiar to New Yorkers, such as New York Ballet, the Americana movement, folk, country and folk music.

“That’s the one I have always wanted to try, a classical-type music playlist,” said a hospital staffer who only gave his first name, Jody, in order to protect his identity.

“But I just can’t bring myself to play it.

It’s so hard to hear it.”

He admitted that there were times when he wished he had played the music back when he was younger.

“Now I can play it with my kids, but I can’t play it when I’m in bed,” he explained.

“And it’s not my thing.”

There’s a lot to play around with and I’m just not that musical.

“New England Hospital has been working with a number community organisations, including the New Orleans-based New Orleans Jazz Foundation and the National Jazz Institute, to help improve the quality of music for the hospital.

Dr Pamberton said that music was part of the “whole continuum of life”.”

It’s part of who we are,” he noted.”

Even if we don’t have a guitar in the room, we still need music to play music to help us to be more creative.

“The playlist has also been shared on social networking sites such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, where fans are sharing their own ideas for how to improve music in hospitals.

Dr Paul said that the playlist had a huge impact on the people who worked at the hospitals.

While music has been a key part of hospitals for many years, the playlist is a big deal because of its content, he said, adding that it was a great example of what the hospitals were doing.”

For us, it’s just something that we would have liked to be doing for a long time, but it’s been a long, long time,” he admitted.”

So it’s really rewarding to see it come to life again.

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