Children with terminal illness will soon be able to receive up to eight more companion animals at a Boston Children’s Hospital.

The Children’s Health Network (CHN) has announced the new canine facility in an update to its website.

The hospital’s new veterinary clinic will provide an opportunity for children and their families to access and share the most popular dogs in their community, and provide access to some of the most highly-coveted and highly-regarded dogs in the world, said CHN CEO Dr Anne Henshaw.

“It’s really about the best of the breed, the most loved dogs, and it’s an opportunity to bring together the breed that is truly loved in Boston,” Dr Henshawsaid.

“Our goal is to build a healthy community where we can all get along, and hopefully create an environment that fosters a more positive relationship with dogs and cats.”

Dr Henshyaws said the facility will offer an opportunity, if they choose, for children to “share in the joys of canine companionship”.

“We think this will be a great way to make it easier for kids to interact with their canine companions and to share the love of dogs with their families, friends and neighbours,” she said.

“We have seen in other cities that there’s an increasing need for more of these dogs.”

Dr Sarah Hall, Chief Veterinary Officer at CHN, said the canine facility was designed to provide an option for families to make a transition from having a dog to a pet.

“There are lots of dogs out there, there are lots that are in shelters, and there are a lot of dogs that are at hospitals that don’t have a home, or don’t want to have a dog at all,” Dr Hall said.

Dr Hinshaws said dogs would be available to children in the new facility from 10:00am on Tuesday, October 1, and from 4:00pm on Friday, October 4.

“If we can get that right, then we have a really good chance of making sure that we’re able to do this,” Dr Hill said.CHN will be providing puppies, kittens, a couple of terriers and a rottweiler to the new clinic.

Dr Hall said CHL had also secured funding to help build a veterinary clinic in nearby Cambridge, and would soon have dogs at both locations.

“This will allow us to bring the puppies into the community,” she added.

“The dogs will be available for the children to come in and enjoy, and then we’ll have the dogs at the clinic so that the dogs can get to know the dogs.”

They’ll learn how to interact and interact with dogs.

They’ll learn to be pet friendly.

“Dr Hall would not say when the new veterinary facility would open, but said it would be open to families and people of all ages.”

I think we’re going to be able start the rollout in the next few weeks,” she told 7.30.

Dr Hill said CHT had not been approached by anyone yet for funding to build the new hospital, but it was possible the organisation might be able help build the facility.”

At the moment we are looking at funding sources,” she explained.”

But we’ll be looking at it on a case-by-case basis, and we’ll see what the funding offers.