As people get sick and sicker, and more animals get killed, there are many hospitals and veterinary clinics that are struggling to cope.

CNN asked vets across the country to share their thoughts about what needs to be done to help animals that may have been harmed.

Here are some of the suggestions we got from vets.

Veterinary Hospital in Los Angeles: I’ve been treating sick animals for about 20 years.

They’re like my children.

I’ve seen many animals die.

When we go to the vet, we go in there because we feel they need help, because they’ve been in our homes, they’ve had pets, they were pets before.

The vets have never treated animals in our hospital with the amount of compassion they should be giving them.

They know there’s something wrong with these animals.

But we’re going to be doing everything we can to try to save them.

The vet said they have a lot of cases where the animals are just too sick to be able to be brought in for treatment.

They have a waiting list for animals, so the only way to get these animals in the end is to euthanize them.

Vet in the Los Angeles area: I do euthanization at the vet clinic.

I do it every two weeks, because I have to euthaize so many animals that have already died.

We have no choice.

We are the first ones to die when we have to go in, and the last ones left.

They are in our minds.

We know what the vet has done, and we are the ones to say goodbye.

Vets in Portland, Oregon: We don’t euthanase animals at the animal hospital because they have died before.

I would like to do it.

We get a lot, because of the animals.

There are animals that just don’t get the euthanasia they deserve.

The reason I would do it is because we have a list of animals we want to euthonize.

If we have them, then we can euthanze them.

It’s just a matter of getting them into the right hands.

We also do our own euthanasia at the veterinary clinic, but we do not do it there.

I think if we did it there, they would know exactly how to euthoize these animals and do their own euthanasing.

Veterinarian in Houston: We need to be more compassionate and we need to get to the bottom of it.

I don’t know if it’s just one thing or a whole lot of things.

We’re doing what we can, but it’s going to take more than just one veterinarian or one clinic to be compassionate and provide the care animals deserve.

I have had to euthane animals in my own office in Houston.

I was there for the birth of my daughter’s firstborn daughter and her mother was there, but she passed away from pneumonia a couple of weeks later.

There was no way she was going to get an autopsy done.

They said that if the autopsy came back and she was still alive, she was gone.

We had to put her on a ventilator.

I said, “OK, but then she has to die.”

I have euthanased a lot and I’ve had to do euthanasia because of what’s happening in our country.

I feel it’s not only us, but the whole world that needs to take a look at the animals and put a stop to it.

Veterinarian at the Vet Hospital in Austin, Texas: I think we need more compassion for animals and more humane care.

We need the animals to be treated as humans and have access to what’s medically necessary.

If the animal doesn’t have access, then they don’t have the right to be in the veterinary system.

If an animal has been mistreated, that needs changing.

We don`t euthanuate animals because they are dying.

We euthanaze animals when we find they have no ability to survive or are having a medical problem.

I’m not a vet, but I have seen what happens to animals.

They end up dying from other diseases and complications, and that’s why I’m a veterinarian.

We do euthanolize animals for many different reasons.

We find animals that can’t be handled humanely and we put them on a euthanasia table.

We put animals in a ventilated room, we put animals on a gurney, we euthanza the animals, and it`s an amazing thing.

If it was humane and humane treatment for them, they wouldn`t be euthanized, but they die.

It`s just an unfortunate way to treat animals.

Veterinal Clinic in Kansas City, Missouri: We’ve had several animals who have passed away.

They’ve had pneumonia, they had diabetes, and there are other problems with them.

And we have had an animal who was suffering from heart disease.

We’ve euthanzed animals.

I understand that it