AUSTRALIAN OPEN: 1.2 million spectators on the main court for the first time since the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

The opening day was dominated by a string of second-round tiebreaks and two of the four semifinal matches were decided by three points or less.

This means there is a chance the field could be significantly changed in the first round.

It is possible there could be a fourth player from each side who will be eliminated if a final is played on the same day.

That player will be given a third bye in the round and the final will then be decided by two points or more.

In addition, there is an extra day of rest for the quarter-finals and semis.

As a result, the opening round could end up with more than two hours of downtime between each match.

AUSTRALIA OPEN: 4.1 million spectators in the grandstandsThe grandstand seating capacity at the Brisbane Grandstands was 3.2million.

There are only two open seats for the top eight teams, with one of them being the Brisbane Stadium grandstand.

Tickets for the opening weekend were also available in limited numbers for just $5.

Fans could buy their tickets at the gates or through the Brisbane City Hall.

Finals are played at the AAMI Park and are being broadcast live on FOX SPORTS.

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