We take a look at the best hospitals in the country, based on the number of people who died during their stay.

They include the country’s biggest hospitals such as the Royal London Hospital, King’s College Hospital and St Thomas’ Hospital.

Here are our top 10 hospitals in England.


Royal London Hospitals, London (England) 2.

King’s Collingwood Hospital, Coventry (England, UK) 3.

Royal Sussex Hospital, Sussex (England & Wales) 4.

Royal Lincoln Hospital, Lincoln (England& Wales) 5.

St Mary’s Hospital, Bristol (England)(England & Scotland) 6.

St Paul’s Hospital for Children, Leicester (England ) 7.

St Michael’s Hospital London, London(England) 8.

University Hospital, Glasgow (Scotland) 9.

Royal Liverpool Hospital, Liverpool (England)* 10.

Royal Brompton Hospital, Nottingham (England**) Here are the top 10 in England for the number who died at their hospital: 1.

King William & Mary Hospital, Kingston upon Thames (England 2.

Royal Wolverhampton Hospital London 3.

St Thomas’s Hospital Birmingham 4.

King Edward VII Hospital, Cambridge 5.

Queen Mary Hospital London 6.

King Henry VIII Hospital, London 7.

Royal Manchester Hospital Birmingham 8.

St Peter’s Hospital Norwich 9.

King Elizabeth II Hospital, Newcastle 10.

King Robert’s Hospital Sheffield