Children in foster care have a tough road to recovery from serious injuries, especially if they are adopted out by people who don’t understand how to care for them properly.

That’s why the Mercy Hospital in Houston is seeking to improve its care of children with disabilities and add new tools to help it manage its facilities and staffs.

In a recent letter to the Mercy Board of Directors, Mercy officials said the hospital is “working closely with the Department of Social Services to implement a comprehensive system that will provide for a more efficient and safe environment for children.”

Mercy officials said they are working with the department to identify new resources and tools that can better manage the children’s care.

The hospital has been working with foster care providers in the past, and Mercy is now partnering with the city of Houston to establish a task force to identify and address the challenges the hospital faces in managing the childrens’ care.

Mercy has about 400 foster children in its care, according to its website.

It also has about 20 other children with developmental disabilities who are in foster homes or other facilities.

In October, Mercy opened a new pediatric unit at the hospital.

The unit, which opened in February, is expected to address the concerns of foster care parents and the community about the facility’s ability to adequately care for children with physical and mental disabilities.

In November, Mercy announced it would be hiring a new medical director to oversee its care for the children, including its commitment to improving the quality of care for those children.

The hospital has said it is considering adding additional staff members, as well as expanding the number of pediatricians and staff members it employs.