The city of Boston is taking the unprecedented step of closing its hospitals for the season, and its hospitals are also shutting down.

The closures, which are expected to last for three days, are part of a sweeping, five-year strategy by the city to reduce health care costs by a quarter by 2020.

The move follows a spike in coronavirus infections last year, which has pushed the city’s costs to the highest in the country.

The city is also facing a massive public-health crisis that is expected to cause nearly $1 trillion in lost economic activity by 2021.

The closings come as the Boston Redevelopment Authority is trying to complete the citywide transformation of Boston Common, which is now the largest urban park in the world.

The park was constructed in 1864 as part of the city government’s plan to restore the Boston waterfront, and was intended to be a centerpiece of the newly formed Boston Common.

But as of this summer, it was the city that built the park, not the other way around.

While the city plans to replace the park with a public-housing project, it also plans to close its hospitals, which have a combined population of 2,700, according to the Boston Globe.

The Redeemed Hospital has been open since 1874.

The Boston Hospital and Clinics opened in 1889.

And Boston University Hospital is currently the citys largest, with more than 8,000 beds, and is considered a historic institution.

The hospital closed in February 2019 due to the coronaviruses outbreak.

Boston is currently seeking an additional $25 billion in federal stimulus funding to keep its hospitals open and operating.