The Seattle Grace hospital has been a lifesaver in a city grappling with a rash of hate crimes.

The hospital, which opened in July, has been at the center of an online firestorm after a former employee posted about an employee who was sexually assaulted and assaulted a fellow patient.

The employee has since resigned.

On Friday, the hospital announced that it had received multiple death threats, including one that said, “The only thing worse than being stabbed is being killed.”

One of the women who posted the comments is Grace’s head nurse, Mary Ann DeMarco, who has also worked at the hospital and is now a professor at Washington State University.

DeMarco told the Seattle Times that she was in tears after learning that someone had posted on social media that she would be killed.

“It is a real fear,” she said.

“A real, real fear.”

The hospital’s board of directors is considering whether to place DeMarco on leave.

DePalos statement was made at a news conference where DeMarco was asked about a recent Facebook post from an employee of the hospital.

The post, which was shared by a patient who did not want her name published, claimed that she had been sexually assaulted at the Grace hospital.

DeDelos statement also said the hospital was “deeply saddened” to hear of the death threats.

DeDeMarco, the university’s assistant dean of health services, said the post was a “frantically stupid” response to a threat that had been made against another employee.

She added that the hospital had no way to respond to the threats.

“We didn’t have a response because we were not responding to a social media post,” she told the Times.

DeTheres statement also was echoed by other hospital employees.

“The message that I got from that person was so insensitive, so inappropriate and so sad,” one hospital employee told the newspaper.

“I’m going to miss my colleagues and friends here.”

DeDelores statement came hours after the hospital issued a statement saying that the employee who posted that he would be stabbed had left the hospital voluntarily.

The statement also praised the bravery of staff and patients who had stepped up to the plate to respond and protect their fellow employees and patients.

“This person has been removed from our staff,” the statement read.

“Our hearts go out to the family of the patient.”

DeDeLos statement said the nurse who made the threat had been placed on leave, but that the university could not confirm that person’s identity.

DeLares statement said that the investigation is continuing and that the nurse’s status as a staff member will be determined by the university.

DeLeos statement echoed the hospital’s statement that the threats against the employee had been “completely and unequivocally ignored.”

DeLeores spokesman Mike Dillard said the university has not received any threat reports from that individual.

Dillard told the paper that the woman who posted on Facebook about the assault had been transferred to another hospital.

A spokesman for the Seattle Police Department said the department received no reports of any incidents involving the employee.

“At this time, we can’t confirm that this person has ever been involved in a criminal activity,” Lt.

Jeff Lewis said.

Lewis told the Associated Press that there was no indication that the person was linked to a violent crime.

Seattle Times reporters Kevin Murphy and Josh Dawsey contributed to this report.