TEXAS — A Florida man who received a kidney from a transplant recipient has now died from complications.

Jefferson Hospital in Tampa said in a statement Tuesday that a man who had been living with kidney problems, and whose condition had not improved, was given a transplant on Nov. 1, 2016, to a man in his 30s who had a condition known as chronic renal failure.

The man’s condition worsened and he died Nov. 10, 2016.

Jeffersons director of transplantation and a spokesman confirmed the news to CBS News.

The statement said the transplant was “successful” and that the transplant team was “working to support” the family and the recipient.

The news comes as a growing number of states have passed legislation to allow recipients of donated kidneys to remain alive and recover in the hospital after receiving transplants.

The bill passed by the Florida House earlier this month would allow recipients to continue to receive transplants even if they are unable to pay for the procedures themselves.

It also would make the bill a state constitutional amendment.