Lehigh Valley Hospital in Lehigh, Pennsylvania is facing several lawsuits alleging that doctors there intentionally placed babies in the NICU to increase the number of babies born at the hospital, according to the Wall Street Journal.

According to the lawsuit, which was filed Monday, one of the babies died within two days of being born and the other was born a day later.

The lawsuit alleges that doctors and nurses “intentionally deprived [the babies] of adequate nutrition and oxygen for prolonged periods of time during which [the parents] had no access to appropriate care.”

The complaint states that the babies “suffered prolonged seizures, coma, and death, resulting in the death of the mothers infant and subsequent medical costs and litigation.”

Lehigh Hospital says the lawsuit was filed on March 5 and does not have any further information.

Lehigh University Medical Center, the largest pediatric hospital in the United States, has denied the allegations.

“We have never seen a case like this,” spokesman Dan Rabinowitz said in a statement to the Journal.

“It is impossible to know whether or not there was anything improper that took place.

We are cooperating with the authorities to find out the truth.”

The hospital is being investigated for a range of issues including the death and injuries of babies, according the Journal, which has more on the lawsuit.

In a statement provided to the AP, the hospital said it has taken steps to address the allegations and is cooperating with authorities.

“Our commitment to safety is our highest priority and we take these matters very seriously,” said Dr. Jeffrey Grosjean, director of the neonatal intensive care unit at Lehigh.

“As a result of these allegations, we are now cooperating with investigators and have begun an internal investigation.

We will cooperate fully with any law enforcement efforts, including the criminal investigation, to resolve this matter and ensure the safety of our patients.”

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