Paoli Hospital in Orange County, California, has reported a sharp rise in the number of hospitalizations for COVID-19, and that has been attributed to a spike in the hospitalization rates of its staff.

The hospital, in the city of Long Beach, California , reported the sharp increase in the rate of new COVID infections, or new infections caused by coronavirus in the last month, as of December 15.

That’s a significant jump from the 2.6% increase reported last month.

The number of new infections was also up by 6%, according to a report published by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The hospital is still seeing a small spike in new COVIS cases, but they are not as high as last year’s spike, said Dr. James DeRosier, a hospital epidemiologist with the California Department of Public Health and Human Services.

DeRosier said that’s a good sign that Paoli is showing that COVID can be managed effectively.

Paoli is now treating approximately 50% of all patients who came in with COVID.

DeRosiers statement was backed up by a report from the California State Health Department (CSHD) which said that at least 11,000 new COVS infections have been diagnosed in the county since February.

“We’ve got a lot of patients, and we’re getting them through to the hospital,” DeRosiest said.

“I’m not seeing an increase in COVID cases, or we’re not seeing more infections.

So, we’re seeing more patients.”

The increase in new infections comes on the heels of a sharp increase last week in hospitalizations.

Paoli reported that in December, the hospital recorded 5,715 new infections.

That was a 25% increase from the same month last year, according to the CSHD.

The CSHD also found that the number was up by 8% in the previous week, from 2,716 new infections to 2,872.

De Rosier said Paoli will likely see a significant uptick in the next few weeks.

“That’s really the only data we have at this point,” De Rosier told Recode.

“We’re getting a lot more cases, and the hospital has to handle them.”

He said Paolis plans to increase its staffing to handle the higher numbers.

“You can’t just sit back and expect to get the same numbers.

We’re going to try to make it work.

We know how to do that, and it’s been working in the past.”

Paoli Hospital reported that it has not had a new COVE case since January.

Paolis’ staff has been able to manage the infection by limiting contact with patients, de Rosier noted.

The staff has also been doing a lot to reduce the number and severity of the infections, he said.

“What we’re doing is going to be a priority here,” De Rossier said.

The new COV cases have led to a number of changes at the hospital.

De ROSIER said the hospital is now looking at how to deal with a new patient in a crisis.

“I’m telling people, if you are in a situation where you are going to need medical attention or a ventilator, it is going be very important to call 911,” he said, adding that the hospital’s emergency department staff will now work to help people who are in crisis.

The Paoli Clinic has been preparing its patients for a possible uptick in COVIS infections, and they are taking steps to help their healthcare providers better manage the coronaviruses.

De Rossier explained that staff are going door-to-door, asking the people in their care about their healthcare needs.

“This is really the next step, to go door-by-door and get to know the patient.

They are not going to come in and tell us they are in need of medical attention,” he added.

“They are going in and ask us what are we doing.

That’s the next level of care.”

De Rosiers comments about healthcare providers are echoed by other doctors in the area.

“It’s just a matter of time,” said Dr of Emergency Medicine Dr. Richard Rizzo.

“People are becoming more and more aware of it.

The community is getting to know each other.

People are becoming concerned.”

De ROSIES comments about the increased COVID infection rates come as Paoli County and the city are also experiencing increased hospitalizations related to COVID and other respiratory illnesses.

The county has seen an increase of over 8,000 COVID hospitalizations in the first six months of 2017, according the CDC.

Paolini has also reported a surge in the use of respiratory masks, which can be dangerous for patients who have respiratory illnesses like COPD and other illnesses.

In January, the county reported that its respiratory health department had received a record number of COVID patient referrals, and