Atlanta Mayor Karen Stintz says a state-of-the-art flu vaccination program in her city will begin soon after her city’s outbreak of the coronaviruses.

Stintzes health department says it expects the vaccine program to be fully operational by the end of the year.

The program will offer doses at a cost of $130 to $200.

Stints health department said it expects to start vaccinating residents of the city by the middle of next month.

Stintzes spokesman, Matt Schmid, said the city has begun vaccinating a small number of residents who are currently enrolled in the program, but that it is unclear when they will start being vaccinated.

Stokes department says residents who don’t qualify for the program may start receiving their doses in a few weeks.

In a statement, Gov.

Eric Holcomb said that the state has not yet identified a “tipping point” for the public health response and that the Governor has ordered the state’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to begin testing residents who have not yet enrolled in any of the countywide vaccination programs.

Holcomb says the state will continue to offer its community-based influenza vaccination program, the state-wide flu vaccine and other targeted resources, including funding to assist local governments.