The National Children’s Hospital of India (NCH) in Bengalura is celebrating the first year in operation after a $1.6 million donation.

The facility in Kancheepuram has undergone the first of many major upgrades, including a large new building, new offices and new amenities.

The NCH, founded in 2013, was the first state-run hospital in India to offer medical care in a private setting.

The hospital also serves children from around the country and its staffs have welcomed the change in their routine.

“We are very happy.

It is our first year and the first time in the country that we have been able to have a facility that serves children of all ages,” NCH president Suresh Prabhakar said.

The NCH has been serving children with congenital heart defects and heart disease since 2012 and is now one of the largest child health facilities in India.

The facility provides free or reduced priced hospital admission for children in Bengalur and Kancheepsuram districts.

According to the government, the new building will help the hospital’s outpatient services, rehabilitation and treatment facilities be able to cope with more patients.

The building is a huge step forward for the hospital.

“The new building has taken us forward to an area that was not possible before.

It has given us a lot of flexibility in terms of our capacity.

We have also added a new wing to the hospital,” NCMH president Ramita Raj said.”

It has allowed us to expand our capacity to cope more with patients.

This has allowed for more surgeries, more care, more treatment,” Raj said, adding that the new wing is expected to help more children.

The new wing will house up to 1,500 children from Bengalur district.

The move to upgrade facilities is a response to the increasing demand for medical services from the country’s growing number of children.

The government has set up an additional 24,000 beds for children from the state.