NEW YORK (AP) New York’s largest hospital is about to open up its doors.

It is expected to have as many as 150 people on the waiting list for treatment, and will likely be the first in the nation to accept people who are sickened by Ebola.


Andrew Cuomo says the new facility will help provide critical care to those who are already there.

Cuomo says people can come and go, but they must be evaluated for symptoms, take their temperature and get tested.

The governor says the state will have an operational capacity of 20 beds.

A large medical center at the University of New Hampshire has had no cases of Ebola in the past week.

The state is also working to bring back a military quarantine that began in the fall.

The new facility is part of a $1.4 billion plan to expand capacity to more than 300 beds, with about $500 million in federal and state funding.

The hospital also will have a hospital-wide Ebola treatment unit.