JACKSON, Italy (AP) The head of the Jackson Hospital in Sicily is calling for the closure of the hospital in the capital, Naples, in a move that could leave a significant number of people without access to medical care.

The hospital’s chief executive, Dr. Paolo Pirotta, said on Wednesday that he was resigning his post after an internal audit revealed that the hospital had not paid its workers in seven months.

The audit was released after the hospital was hit by a devastating fire in March.

“I have resigned because I have been under pressure to do so,” Pirottas said in a statement on Wednesday.

“I am not resigning because I do not have a mandate.

I have decided that, instead of acting in the best interests of the health of the population, it is more important to take a clear and decisive decision.”

In a letter sent to Jackson’s CEO last week, Pirotti accused the hospital of “negligent management” and said the hospital needed to focus on its own operations, which have not been affected by the fire.

Pirottias resignation comes after the Jacksons hospital was the subject of a scathing audit by the European Commission.

It found the hospital did not meet minimum standards in terms of patient care and performance.

The hospital also has been hit by several other major fires in recent years.

Jackson was the site of an October 2015 fire that killed a man who died in the emergency room after suffering an apparent heart attack while being treated for chest pain.

It was one of the deadliest fires in the Italian capital in recent history.