Coney Island Hospital in Sydney is a bit like the chippen ham of Australia.

It has a lot of chippens but no chippies.

The Chippensville hospital has a wait-time of eight days for a new patient.

For patients with complex medical conditions, the average wait time is almost two weeks.

If you were a Chippenedale, what would you like to do? 

A Chippeena Hospital resident has told the ABC the hospital is “not a good place” for a child with a heart condition because it is “a very stressful time”.

“There’s not much there for a little girl, so they put her in a room with the doctors and they have a pretty good life there,” Dr Tanya Bhattacharya said.

“If you have an old heart condition, that’s a lot harder to deal with than a child.

She’s not a lot more confident and a lot less likely to be in an accident, or get an accident in the hospital.”

Dr Bhattcharya, who is a cardiologist at the hospital, said it was difficult to predict the outcome of an emergency surgery.

When she has patients with a complex medical condition, it can take longer for them to get into the intensive care unit.

At the time of her appointment, her patient waited almost three weeks for an appointment.

Dr Bhatcharya said the staff were struggling to cope with the increase in patient wait time, with the staff having to make extra trips to get new patients into the hospital.

A Chinnamulla Hospital resident said the hospital’s wait times are “very high”.

“[It] is a really difficult time for the patients,” the resident said.

“It’s just stressful for them.”

Dr Andrew Fazekas from the Chinnamsulla Hospital said the waiting time is “extremely high” at the Chippenhame River hospital.

“We are a small, small hospital and we have a large number of patients,” he said.

“You have to be very careful with your patient.”

The hospital has an annual wait-times of two weeks for a newborn and two weeks at most for an older patient.