The new Atlanta Hawks logo looks cool.

They’re doing something new, they’re not the usual logo for a team that hasn’t played in a decade, and they’re certainly a different color scheme from the previous logo.

They are, however, still recognizable as the Falcons.

The new Atlanta Braves logo, as it appears on the Atlanta Hawks jerseys.

(Getty Images)The Atlanta Hawks won the 2016 NBA championship and have a strong following.

The team has a lot of fans that want to see more Atlanta Hawks logos and jerseys, and it seems like the team will be using the new logo for quite some time.

We’ve covered this a lot on Bleacher Report.

Here’s an explanation of how the new Braves logo works:The name “Atlanta” is surrounded by white text on black background.

The logo also has an elongated white circle that forms a circle and a circle of yellow.

It’s centered on the team’s logo.

A circle with a white circle is called a circle, and a white triangle is called an oval.

The vertical bar at the bottom of the circle has an arrow that points up.

It is called the “Star” in the team name.

The color white is the primary color for the logo.

The yellow and white text in the circle denote the five primary colors of basketball: White, Black, Blue, Green, and Yellow.

The circle on the left is the team colors, and the circle on top is the color of the logo’s white circle.

A triangle with an arrow pointing up is called “triangle.”

The word “FAN” in white text indicates that the logo is “supported by fans.”

(The word “fans” is not included in the logo.)

The word in yellow is “FANS” in yellow text.

The word is written on a circle with an oval, and is surrounded on the right by a white strip that indicates that it is the logo for the Atlanta Braves, an Atlanta team.

The lettering of the lettering is in black, white, and gray.

The letters “A” and “Z” are located in the middle of the letters, and “T” is in the corner.

The word in black text is “A-Z.”

The letters “H” and the word “TIP” are written in white.

The logo appears on jerseys for both the Atlanta and Seattle Seahawks, and some players wear it with their pants.

The new logo looks pretty good.

I don’t like it that much, but I’m okay with it.

I think they’re trying to make a statement.

There’s a lot going on in the logos right now.

The teams have a lot to say.

I’m not sure that this is going to be as successful as the old Atlanta Hawks, and I think it’s not a bad logo for another team to try.

The Atlanta Falcons were officially sold in February.

They have a new logo on their jerseys.

The official logo for Atlanta, the Atlanta Falcons, and New York City FC. (USATSI)