Medical marijuana dispensaries are coming to a hospital near Hartford’s main downtown hospital.

The new location will be in the North End, a small block of land between South Main Street and North Main Street.

The facility, called Green Harvest, is part of the Green Harvest Collective, a growing group of patients and caregivers who are in a legal battle to be allowed to use medical marijuana at Hartford’s largest hospital.

“Green Harvest is an opportunity to connect with patients and to grow a community of caregivers in this part of town,” said Green Harvest founder and CEO James Smith.

The group has been fighting for access to medical marijuana for several years.

In 2015, they won a $3.7 million settlement from Hartford’s Department of Health and Hospitals.

In 2016, the group won $1.5 million in a class action lawsuit that claimed Hartford’s doctors and nurses are biased against patients who use medical cannabis.

The Green Harvest dispensary is not the only one in the city.

There is a growing network of dispensaries that are licensed to operate in the same corridor.

The group has not announced which of those locations will open for patients.

The hospital has a long history of using patients who have suffered from severe pain, and is one of the top 10 busiest in the country.

It has the nation’s largest emergency department.

In 2017, the hospital announced it was closing several of its emergency rooms because of a lack of beds.

In January, the Hartford Board of Health approved $2.5 billion for the city to help it reopen and upgrade its emergency room.

But that plan fell through in July.

That was a major setback for patients like Jazmine Mathers, who has spent years in the emergency room and now lives in South Hartford.

Mather’s family was able to get access to the Green and Red Harvest locations at the hospital because of that deal.

“It was kind of bittersweet because I knew that if I didn’t get my marijuana, my whole family would go through a lot of pain,” Matherss said.

“I thought, ‘Oh my God, this is the only way I’m going to get a decent life, and this is a way I can make sure I get the quality care that I need.’

I just wanted to get my medication.

I just didn’t know if that was going to work out.

I was so desperate that I just started crying.”

The Matherses have spent nearly two years fighting to get the medical marijuana they need.

Their son, Zachary, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in May.

Zachary had a rare blood disorder that causes blood clots.

His condition has been deteriorating, and he died from brain cancer.

Zach was one of four patients at Green Harvest.

Mathers was the first patient at Green Harbor to get medical marijuana.

She said she was not disappointed.

“I was really surprised at how open the medical community is,” Mellow said.

“They’re very welcoming.

I think they were really supportive and they’re really willing to give me a chance to try this,” she added.

Green Harvest was the last place Matherson would have to go.

She has to drive a half-hour to South Hartford, and that was just too far for her to drive through.

She had to stop and wait in line at Green Haven, where her son was treated.

“That was really the hardest part, I think, for me,” she said.

Mellow was diagnosed at an emergency room in March of 2017, after Zachary was admitted to the hospital with severe pain and other symptoms.

He was in the ICU, and the doctors there told Mather that Zachary needed surgery.

When he didn’t go through surgery, they told her the doctors told her that he had cancer.

She didn’t want to give up hope.

She finally saw a doctor who said Zachary could be treated in a hospital in South Haven, about an hour and a half away.

She got in touch with Green Harvest to find out if they could help her.

Green Harbor says they are not going to close, and Mather says she is grateful for the opportunity to come back to her home.

She’s hopeful she will be able to use the medical cannabis in her next visit to the North Haven hospital, as long as the rules for patients who need to be in hospitals are followed.

“If I’m not going back to South Haven and Green Harvest because of this and if I’m just going to wait, I don’t want the rest of my life to be that way,” Maims said.

Maims hopes that her family can get her back to the South Haven hospital.

But if not, she says she wants to come home.

“Right now, I have my hopes that I’ll be able get there and that I will be treated and treated well and that my family will be okay,” she told ABC Connecticut.