St. Jude Medical Center, located on the city’s west side, will close its outpatient clinics and its office.

The facility is located on Jackson Boulevard between the city and the Ohio River, near the Ohio & Indiana Canal.

The closure is expected to occur in late July or early August, according to the St. Jude Hospital Association.

The St. Joseph Health Care Complex, located in the same block, will also be closed as of Thursday, according the association.

The agency said it has hired two subcontractors to operate the St Joseph Medical Center’s outpatient clinics.

It’s unclear what they will do with the outpatient services.

The hospitals’ outpatient clinics are open on the east side, near a train station and in the middle of the night, said Dr. Andrew Lefkowitz, a spokesman for the St Jude hospital.

The city has said the clinic closures will have a significant impact on its ability to provide medical care to its residents.

The closures will affect the following residents: the residents of the city of Columbus, who receive outpatient care through St. John’s Hospital, the St John’s Health Care Center and St. Marys, according.

The closings of the St Jude Clinic will be phased in over the next year, Lefkin said.

In December, the Ohio Supreme Court denied an appeal from St. Louis County in an ongoing lawsuit seeking to have the closures halted.

The state is asking the court to order St. Johns to reopen its clinic.

It argues that St. Jerome’s closure is a public health emergency and the city must comply with the court order.

Lefka said the closure of St. Judes outpatient clinic is a significant blow to the city.

“It will be the first time since the late 1800s that an area hospital will close,” Lefko said.

The Ohio House has approved legislation that would require a county to reopen the outpatient clinics at St.

Jude and St Marys.

It is unclear if the legislation has enough support in the Senate to advance.

The legislation is awaiting a signature from Gov.

John Kasich.

The bill, H.R. 1337, would establish a new county to oversee outpatient clinics in order to prevent any future hospital closures.

“We will work closely with the legislature to address this critical issue,” Lekowitz said.

A separate bill would require county health boards to provide the city with advance notice if they are planning to close an outpatient clinic.

Lekitz said the state has the power to shut down an area’s health care facility if a county has not complied with its emergency order.

He said the city will seek a stay of the order.