How can you stay healthy during the flu pandemic?

There are some things that you should be aware of during the influenza season.

Here’s how to stay healthy, according to a new report from the Australian Financial Council.

1 / 9 Sydney’s Hospital for Sick Children (HSCH) hospital in Australia, pictured, has seen more than 70 cases of the coronavirus in just one week.

Hospital spokeswoman Karen Jones said the hospital was prepared for any pandemic 2 / 9 Australian health workers wear masks to protect themselves during a coronavid health alert at the Australian Federal Police headquarters in Canberra, Australia, February 5, 2019.

3 / 9 A nurse stands next to a cardboard box containing a vaccine at the Nurses and midwives training facility in Brisbane, Australia February 6, 2019, as part of a health alert for the flu.

Australia is currently experiencing its first coronaviruses pandemic.

4 / 9 Staff at a public health laboratory at the University of Queensland in Brisbane wear masks as they prepare to go to work for the coronave health alert in Brisbane February 7, 2019 in Brisbane.

A second influenza pandemic is expected in 2019.

5 / 9 An Australian Federal Government (AGP) worker is seen in the background wearing a face mask while standing in a room at a health facility in Melbourne, Victoria, February 7 (ABC News) 6 / 9 Workers at a nursing home use a mask to protect their faces during a pandemic alert at their facility in Victoria, Australia.

7 / 9 Hospital staff wear masks while wearing face shields while standing guard in Melbourne’s CBD February 8, 2019.(AAP: Getty Images) 8 / 9 Emergency workers stand guard in a hallway at the Brisbane Emergency Hospital on February 8.

(AAP) 9 / 9 The Sydney Medical Centre is shown in Brisbane as the city and state are on high alert.

(AP: Chris Helgren) 1 / 19 Getty Images 2 / 19 AFP/Getty Images 3 / 19 REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson 4 / 19 EPA 5 / 19 Australian Federal Health Minister Michaelia Cash speaks during a news conference in Canberra on February 6.

(David Gray/ABC News via Getty Images Australia) 6/ 19 AFP 6 / 19 7 / 19 AP 8 / 19 Reuters 9 / 19 A nurse prepares to use a hand sanitizer at a hospital in Brisbane (AFP) 1/ 19 Getty Reuters 2/ 19 REUTERS 3/ 19 Reuters 4/ 19 EPA, AFP/ Getty Images 5/ 19 Australian Health Minister Dr Mike Colvin speaks during the news conference after an emergency briefing at the Queensland Emergency Hospital in Brisbane on February 5.

(Photo by David Gray/AP) 6:19 7 / 17 AFP/ Reuters 8 / 17 REUTERS 9 / 17 A nurse sits in a wheelchair outside a public hospital in Melbourne as the state and federal governments are on heightened alert ahead of the next influenza pandemics in 2019 and 2020.

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