The hospital in Rochester, N.Y., has been shut down for the second time in less than two months because of a massive coronavirus outbreak.

The hospital, in the northern New York suburb of Brighton, had shut its doors in March after two previous outbreaks, according to The Associated Press.

Its closure is the latest in a string of hospital closures across the country as the U.S. government faces an unprecedented coronaviruses pandemic.

“I’m just so concerned,” said resident Linda LeVine.

“It’s so sad.”

A hospital worker told The Associated New York Times in March that the hospital had to close because of the coronaviral outbreak.

The hospital closed again last week, but it has reopened.

LeVine said she was told the new hospital had a staff of 10, but said she had never seen so many patients and staff.

“It’s really sad.

You see so many families that are struggling to get through this,” she said.

“The staff is really helping out.

It’s just so sad, and they don’t have any money.”

The New York State Department of Health has said it expects to reopen all hospitals in the state by early September, including hospitals in Rochester.

But it has warned that the closure could cause shortages of care, saying many hospitals have to close at different times.

The department has warned about the spread of the virus.