What to expect as LOS ROOSTER hospitals shut down

Los Angeles hospital will close its doors and close the hospital on Feb. 7 to avoid a potentially deadly infection.Los Angeles hospital to close its door and close LOS ROSER

How to pay for an emergency surgery

A simple plan for an urgent surgery may sound like a simple solution to a tricky emergency, but for many it can be the difference between life and death.The National

A little bird is the best medicine for a sore throat

A little birds will do wonders for a wound.It can make the difference between a painful and non-painful one.It’s one of the secrets of the modern day wound, according to

How to Find a Veterinarian in the Austin area

How do you find a vet in the Texas area?Veterinarians in Austin are known for their expertise and compassion, but what do you need to know about the area?Here are

How to find your nearest animal hospital

Here are some suggestions to get you started:1.Go to the local animal hospital website.2.Read the hospital’s ‘Animal Services and Services for the Homeless’ brochure.3.Read their ‘Emergency Feeding for Animals’ brochures

Hospitals in Sri Lanka face pressure to stay open

Hospitals are struggling to stay afloat amid an acute shortage of doctors, nurses and equipment, amid fears the country could become a “disaster zone” as the government fails to meet

When the hospital called to tell me my husband was dead, I cried for joy

When I received the call telling me that my husband had died from a COVID-19 infection, I couldn’t help but cry.The hospital had never contacted me about the incident.It was a shock.As a nurse, I knew that my job was to care for the patients in my care.I was responsible for ensuring

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